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Under Our Skin
Original title: Bajo nuestra piel
Category: Children & YA

Under Our Skin

Original title: Bajo nuestra piel
Category: Children & YA

Everything changes for Maiah, Jocelyn and Catherine the night they have revealing nightmares. They keep secret what they have seen in their dreams, and from then on everything will start to go wrong. Who is the mysterious man who spies on them in front of their homes? Why does he seem to be watching them? And above all: why are people inexplicably beginning to disappear?

They were normal girls, but not anymore.

Their skin hides a mystery, their town a secret. Don’t touch them, you’ll regret it.

Highlights Under Our Skin


Josu Lorenzo Grilli, known on social networks as Josu Diamond, is the administrator of one of the most popular YouTube book channels.


Contemporary subject: super-heroines with powers ready to take revenge on anyone.


Urban fantasy novel, in the line of Cassandra Clare, of whom the author declares himself a fan. 

The long-awaited literary debut of one of the most beloved booktubers, Josu Diamond.

Technical data

Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18512-3 | Imprint: Crossbooks