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The Ink That Unites Us
Original title: La tinta que nos une

The Ink That Unites Us

Original title: La tinta que nos une

Paris, 1950. The director of Le Liberé decides to give a voice to women who have none. Hasret, who has just arrived from Turkey looking for a better future for herself and her baby, will tell her story in the diary. Her voice will be the path that will unite two apparently very different lives: that of Kael, a friend of hers who works in a juvenile center, and that of Anik, a young journalist who will redact for her the story she does not know how to write. When someone snatches Hasret’s most precious possession, Kael and Anik embark on a long and dangerous journey that will take them from Paris to Ankara. In that risky adventure, they will shed their prejudices and really get to know each other and learn to open their hearts.

Highlights The Ink That Unites Us


An intense novel set in the aftermath of World War II.

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Publishing date: | 432 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23010-6 | Imprint: Crossbooks