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Tex Patton and the Island of Plastic
Original title: Tex Patton y la isla de plástico

Tex Patton and the Island of Plastic

Original title: Tex Patton y la isla de plástico

The sea is in danger and Tex Patton is the man to save it.

At thirteen years old, Tex Patton seems like a normal boy. It’s true that since he was little, he had an astonishing ability to predict storms, but he never would have imagined the power inside him that will appear in all its intensity this summer.

The death of his father and the experiences that preceded it have provoked bizarre changes in his DNA, making him capable of turning into an amphibian, understanding the language of sea creatures, swimming at great speeds, and controlling the essence of water.

Tex will take a journey to try and discover his true nature and his special relationship with water and complete the mission he’s been assigned: to warn humanity and save the ocean from destruction.

Highlights Tex Patton and the Island of Plastic


Saving the oceans against plastic pollution is a very pressing topic.


Tex Patton is a powerful and endearing figure. Preteen readers will identify with him.


The subject of bullying has an important role in the novel: both Tex and Josh, his deaf friend, are harassed by the school bullies.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-24762-3 | Imprint: Destino Infantil & Juvenil