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All That We Are Together
Original title: Todo lo que somos juntos

All That We Are Together

Original title: Todo lo que somos juntos

Three years have passed since they saw each other for the last time. Now Leah is about to fulfil her dream of being exhibited in an art gallery. As for Axel, past memories are still very vivid and he needs to be part of Leah’s great accomplishment.

When their paths cross once again, Leah has to face some decisions that could change everything forever. Because, for even after everything they have endured, memories of everything they lived together are still there, burning her mind and her heart. Unaltered, unique, precious.

Because he is still the boy that she hasn’t forgotten.
Because of the sea, starry nights and a Beatles LPs.
Because sometimes you just need for someone to say “let it happen” to have it all.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-607-07-7073-9 | Imprint: Planeta

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