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When we called it champagne
Original title: Días de champán

When we called it champagne

Original title: Días de champán

In 1885 the young Francisco Oller decides to leave his hometown, plagued by phylloxera, to build a better future in France. His steps will take him to Reims, in the heart of the French Champagne, where he will create a powerful industry with the development of corks.  There, he will have four children of very strong personalities: Angèle (brave), Hélène (rebel), Louis (unsatisfied), and Yvonne (mysterious). Through them, Rafel Nadal builds a family saga that goes through the most turbulent century of the history of Europe: the First World War, the crack of 1929, the Nazi persecution of the Jews, the Spanish Civil War, the Second  World War and the European rebirth after the war.

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Loves and hates, successes and failures, revenge and betrayal: a family saga with powerful characters and intense passions.

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Marginesy (Poland)

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Publishing date: | 408 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-12799-4 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta