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The Goldsmith
Original title: El orfebre
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

The Goldsmith

Original title: El orfebre
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

Barcelona, late nineteenth century. A seventeen-year-old boy works in his father's goldsmith workshop. Instructed in this art since he was a child, a promising future in the carving of precious stones awaits him. But his life is turned upside down when he meets Isabel, the daughter of an aristocrat who announces that he will grant the hand of his daughter to anyone who offers him the largest diamond ever seen.

From Barcelona to Amsterdam, from Cape Town to the remote mines of Kimberley, passing through the fearsome Karoo desert, the goldsmith will travel a fascinating world, along with the ruthless Marqués de Terrassa, and the sweet slave Etweda. On his journey, he will discover the value of his father’s teachings, the importance of being loyal to one’s trade and, above all, that sometimes you have to travel to the end of the world to understand that what you want is closer than you think.

Highlights The Goldsmith


Remote settings, unforgettable countrysides, a love between classes, a man ready to cross the world for the sake of a woman’s love… A story that turns into legend.


A carefully written, charming novel that reveals to us a fascinating world: the complex profession of metalsmith, and the origins of precious stones.

Rights sold

Vulkan (Serbia).  

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Publishing date: | 336 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-21519-6 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta