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Original title: Fundación nº 2


Original title: Fundación nº 2

The Second Part of Carlos Sisí’s Red Trilogy.

America won’t respond. And nobody’s at the controls. In the rest of the world, the media avoids the term “vampire.” They call them The Enemy, The Red Tide, or metahumans, but regardless of the name, they are showing up in Europe. And they keep getting stronger. The synchronized minds of Elexia and Alkibiades are awakening the Nine, and their plans for vengeance are unstoppable.

In Canada, the Storm has deprived survivors of the Sun and is rebuilding the glory of Tesla Edron. But the natural equilibrium is being restored, slowly but surely: Liz Sheehan, Bolt Power, Donehogawa Parker, and others are making a common front against vampire supremacy.


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Publishing date: | 592 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0870-6 | Imprint: Minotauro

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