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I Will Always Love You
Original title: I Will Always Love You
Category: Fiction

I Will Always Love You

Original title: I Will Always Love You
Category: Fiction

I Will Always Love You is a journey through music’s best love stories. Couples united in their personal and professional lives that led us to believe that love could be eternal, but in the end, they separated and only left us a handful of songs. But what songs! This book takes its title from the celebrated song I Will Always Love You, performed by the angelic Whitney Houston, who descended into an inferno during her marriage to Bobby Brown. In addition to them, the book features Mick Jagger and his first muse, Marianne Faithfull; the Summer of Love of Nico and Jim Morrison; Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, with their French chic; the always complicated PJ Harvey and Nick Cave... and many more couples (and songs)...!


PJ Harvey + Nick Cave

Sonny + Cher

Jane Birkin + Serge Gainsbourg

Marianne Faithfull + Mick Jagger

Miles Davies + Juliette Gréco

Bob Dylan + Joan Baez

John Lennon + Yoko Ono

Courtney Love + Kurt Cobain

Tina Turner + Ike Turner

Nico + Jim Morrison

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Publishing date: | 144 pages | ISBN: 978-607-07-6389-2 | Imprint: Lunwerg

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