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Irene And The Air
Original title: Irene y el aire

Irene And The Air

Original title: Irene y el aire

The tender and riotous tale of a pregnancy from an unusual perspective: that of a first-time father describing the experience that will change his life.

The protagonist of this book can hardly imagine what’s in store for him when his wife is pregnant with his first child. From the time the two of them took the decision to become parents until the baby arrives unannounced one morning, we witness a series of episodes both comic and unbelievable—typical of the psychology of a person who always thought being a parent was something other people did. Alberto Olmos has written a novel from the point of view of a modern man in a society where being a parent is both a rite of transformation and an obstacle course.

A wise observer of our everyday lives, Olmos described with humor and precision the contradictions of being a father in a world where parenthood turns you into a target for clinics, furniture shops, food brands, and charlatans of all kinds.

A turn of the screw of autofiction, full of tenderness and humor, and a lucid portrait of capitalist society and the intimacies of life at home.

“There is something mysterious in Olmos’s writing, which leaves you with a strange aftertaste, an uncontrollable longing for more and more… an agile, fluid, perfect prose.”

Natalio Blanco, Cambio 16.

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-3718-8 | Imprint: Seix Barral