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The Girl From The Social Network
Original title: La chica de las redes sociales

The Girl From The Social Network

Original title: La chica de las redes sociales

She wanted to feel free and desired beyond all norms.

Life smiles on María: she’s created her own business and is in a relationship with Asier, who’s a real catch. He invites her to Miami with all his old friends, including Natalia and Carmen, and right away she connects with them. Soon they’ve arrived, and the girls confide in one another: María has a “special friend” on her social networking app, Natalia is over her mother-in-law and her husband and wants out of her golden cage. As for Carmen, her marriage with Eduardo, a judge, is happy… But she also has a tormenting secret.

The Girl from the Social Network is a gripping story with luxury yacht journeys, illegal wiretaps, threats of shocking photos getting leaked, zoning regulations, coke smuggling, kidnapping, torture… with the central presence of a Mossad agent.

The friendship and empowerment of three daring women will be tested all the way to the breaking point. Everyone suspects everyone. Everyone is afraid of everyone. A novel that gives readers no time to catch their breath.

The characters move in upscale zones in Madrid, Miami, Marbella, Mexico City: the most exclusive parties, yachts, mansions, and clubs, described in sharp detail, are the backdrop for heated passions and complicated intrigues.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-6178-9 | Imprint: Espasa