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The Fragility of Panthers
Original title: La fragilidad de las panteras

The Fragility of Panthers

Original title: La fragilidad de las panteras

Four threads run through this story: the secrets of the past, a lost object, a meddling mother and a mysterious man. Itziar, Laura and Teresa are three sisters from a comfortably-off family in Madrid. They look alike, but the coincidences don’t end there: the three of them conceal a peculiarly intimate drama from which they derive both suffering and enjoyment. One day, Itziar, the eldest, meets Iñaki, a friend from her childhood. His emergence onto the family scene will radically transform the lives of the protagonists. The book tells of this one unique reality as seen from the sisters’ three different points of view, with a plot driven by their confl icts and passions.

Highlights The Fragility of Panthers


Premio Primavera 2010 Runner-Up

A novel about the adventure of desire and the risk of falling in love.

An essential story to understanding the silence on which family normality is constructed.

A book about the lives of four women, written by a woman, and in which many men will discover a kind of wisdom they have never come across before.

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Publishing date: | 28 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-3848-4 | Imprint: Espasa