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The Rose of the Nile
Original title: La Rosa del Nilo

The Rose of the Nile

Original title: La Rosa del Nilo

In ancient Egypt no-one is more powerful than the Pharaoh but neither is anyone more surrounded by intrigue, betrayal and conspiracy. Rumours and clashes, pacts and accords, lies and accusations, some even involving members of his own family, revolve ceaselessly around him. All these conflicts will be observed by a privileged witness: Yuya, the son of the Egyptian prince and princess Moses and Meri, and cousin of the current Pharaoh Amenofis IV. After his studies at ‘The Rose of the Nile’, the best school of knowledge in all antiquity, Yuya must enter into adult life and assume the role of ambassador of Egypt to rival kingdoms, bearing the burden of deceit and ambition that his blood entails. And he will try to do his best, in spite of all the plots being hatched around his extensive and powerful family...

Highlights The Rose of the Nile


A novel that brings the fascination of ancient Egypt to life.

A novel that is as rigorously researched as it is entertaining. To read, enjoy and learn from.

Rafael Potti manages to immerse us into the internal politics, wisdom, art, knowledge and daily life of ancient Egypt with a masterfully woven plot of many voices and an immense knowledge of the culture of a civilisation that is thousands of years old but still fascinates us today.

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Publishing date: | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-3772-4 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca