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No Rules. Period
Original title: Sin reglas
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

No Rules. Period

Original title: Sin reglas
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

Isabel Arranz presents a hilarious black comedy that demystifies taboos and describes the life change of an entire generation of women who make it past fifty to live without rules, period.

Actress Luz Pavones shows up dead in her dressing room. Inspector Lola Vergara is in charge of the case and must investigate all the suspects in the victim’s circle. It turns out she was an unpleasant, arrogant, stupid woman, all her acquaintances hated her and each of them would have good reasons to go after her.

The only person apparently shattered by Luz’s murder is her sister Socorro. Little by little, Lola will discover Luz’s family secrets and the economic intrigues behind the actress’s fortune.

A book that combines secrets and lies, love and humour, treachery and loyalty, curiosity and emotion, cruelty and humanity, avarice and generosity. That is life, isn't it?

Highlights No Rules. Period


A delirious tale of crime and menopause in the style of Jonas Jonasson and David Safier.


A novel based on the play Hot Flashes, written and directed by the author, which was seen by more than 80,000 audience members in Madrid.

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Publishing date: | 480 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-22508-9 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta