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Lands Of Fog And Honey
Original title: Tierras de niebla y miel

Lands Of Fog And Honey

Original title: Tierras de niebla y miel

A family secret. A crime foretold. A story of courage and destiny.

1899. Young Martina de Icaza returns to Cadiz, the city of her birth, fleeing from a failed marriage. But when she disembarks, she discovers that she is now an orphan and has no home. Helpless, she has to work as a servant in the humble pension of her aunt Balbina, until one fine day, her cousin Candela disappears.

After this, Martina finds herself caught up in an intrigue with adventure, crime, and passion that will lead her to Casa Baena, an imposing mansion in Malaga full of secrets and mysteries. In a Spain of contrasts with maids and ladies, bandits and aristocrats, Martina will have to stop a long-prophesied crime, deal with an impossible love, and reach her own destiny, even if it transforms her forever.

Highlights Lands Of Fog And Honey


A novel of adventure, love, and crime—fluently written, agile, in an exquisite setting that will absorb readers with its surprising plot.

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Publishing date: | 528 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23862-1 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta