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Original title: MaternalMente
Category: Non-Fiction


Original title: MaternalMente
Category: Non-Fiction

This book is about how to experience pregnancy and motherhood from another perspective: exploring the experience of feeling a life growing inside of one, becoming aware of the changes occurring in the body and mind and their effect on mood, and being able to better respond to the challenges of motherhood during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

We will learn how to reconnect with the body during pregnancy, the basics of mindfulness and how to start practicing it, how to open ourselves to the experience we are living, letting go of preconceived ideas about motherhood, how to handle the emotional changes that many women experience when pregnant, the nature of stress and its impact on mother and baby. We will also explore how to experience pregnancy with more presence, health and energy. We will look at how to cultivate resilience, the ability to adapt to the changes of pregnancy and cope with the difficulties that may arise, as well as the importance of nutrition and self-care.

We will dedicate a chapter to mindful eating and the evidence on the value of the Mediterranean diet during pregnancy and the impact on the baby's development during gestation, on birth weight and on development and health during childhood. We will also see how mindfulness can accompany us during childbirth and postpartum, and how to create a bond with the baby from before birth and once we get home.

In addition, the book devotes a few chapters to discussing the basis of conscious parenting: how to cultivate joy, calm and healthy limits at home.

A complete program to live a conscious and healthy pregnancy and parenting through the practice of mindfulness.

This book brings together the scientific evidence from one of the most ambitious clinical trials in Europe, conducted with more than 1000 pregnant women over three years.

Based on science, the book offers many simple practices to do at home to connect with the baby and experience pregnancy with more fullness, joy and health.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-18118-88-3 | Imprint: Diana

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